Saturday, November 7, 2009

A perfect discovery!

I ran 3.5 miles this afternoon (368.5 miles). Skender and I had a busy day so I squeezed in a quick run before his basketball game. When I arrived at the east side of the Circle Drive bridge I decided to turn left rather than right. I usually run towards the Train Bridge but decided to check out the path going up the left side of the bridge. Much to my surprise I came across an "off leash" dog park. It is wonderful and what I thought was a quiet unoccupied area of the river bank turned out to be full of dogs and dog owners out for walks without the restriction of a leash. It will be a perfect place to take Jack. I had the pleasure of meeting a couple who were enjoying their coffee while walking with their two dogs. They told me that there is a lot of room available to explore. What a great discovery! Jack and Skender will love it! 
I took a picture this afternoon of a large group of Canadian Geese on the river. What is interesting is how close they can come to the weir and yet are still able to prevent themselves from being pulled by the strong current into the weir. I've never seen them so close to the weir and as I watched them, they appeared to be exerting no effort to maintain their place on the river. 
Skender had a great basketball game today. He is getting better and better and so are his teammates.  They played a very good game and the whole team has improved significantly since last year. After the game, Sken summarized every shot on the drive home and then declared, "I love basketball mom!" While soccer may not be his thing, basketball and swimming are two loves of his sports life.

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