Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Hope Dog Rescue Walkathon!!!!!

We are slowly building up miles. Jack and I have run another 32 miles and walked another 2.5 miles (Jack 255.5, Caroline 275.5) for the New Hope Dog Rescue walkathon. As you can see by the pictures above, the New Hope Dogs are beautiful and so are their owners. Skender raised $300.00 for the walkathon but unfortunately could not walk with Jack and I because he had the stomach flu. Jack had a wonderful time reuniting with his friend Manix and of course his wonderful foster parents Kim and Todd. I enjoyed meeting more members of the New Hope Dog Rescue family, such amazing people who open their homes to dogs in need. I don't know how much money was raised at the walkathon but I think the group raised around $3,000.00. The money raised will cover the costs for dogs who come into NHDR and require health care (shots, neutering, operations etc.), dog food, toys, treats, etc. The timing of the walkathon was perfect because NHDR has rescued a number of dogs recently that require medical attention before being adopted. Added to the fun we had on Sunday, was knews today from my good friends Kathy and Diane at SaskEnergy who donated from their April Jean Fund (people are allowed to wear Jeans to work on Fridays if they donate $10.00 a month to a fund dedicated to local charities) $330.00 to Jack's 1000 mile year, New Hope Dog Rescue. This brings Jack's total to $630.00. Friends who donated to us: Brent H. (our biggest donation!!!), Amanda N. and Chris G., Rhonda and Dom N., Wes and Gwen N., Shirley T., Darren T. and Adil B. along with a bunch of Amanda and Chris' friends who we met at A. and C.'s engagement party. We are still hoping for more donations to meet our $1,000.00 goal. As for the miles we are slowly moving along and while we may not make the full 1000 miles by the end of the year, we'll eventually get there :) !!!! 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Courier au Montréal and Running at Home

Logging our miles tonight for the past three weeks (Jack 221, Caroline 241). Jack and I are running regularly these days, usually 3-5 miles. Jack has been a bit distracted by all the wonderful spring smells, birds, gophers and all the people, dog and bike traffic along the trail. I have put in a few more miles than Jack with trips to Ottawa and Montreal. Above are pictures of very good friends in Montreal, Greg and Jackson (Skender's godfather) and also some pictures of Sken when he was biking while Jack and I were running. 
       The weather has been absolutely fantastic. Last year it was cold and snowy, while this year is the exact opposite. I have been running in shorts the last few days, even in early evening.  I road out to Dakota Dunes this weekend (70K) with a friend of mine on our road bikes. It was a perfect day for a long ride, not much wind and not too hot. I even ended up with a bit of a suntan...its April!!!! I love it!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Complements all round for Jack!

Jack and I ran 12 miles over the weekend (Jack 144.5, Caroline 155.5). Today we were asked by several people about Jack's pedigree with everyone commenting on what a handsome guy our Jumping Jack Flash is. Jack of course is always his charming self, not a peep just a big (and I mean big) wagging tail and a half smile.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Making our way slowly

Jack and I ran 3.5 miles tonight (Jack 122.5, Caroline 133.5). It was colder but actually a nice night for running. Jack enjoyed every minute of our run because he had been home alone the entire day. He came home and rested on the couch with Skender watching his favorite show, Sponge Bob.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A few more miles

Jack and I have been enjoying this wonderful weather. We have completed another 23 miles (Caroline 130 miles, Jack 119 miles). In the past couple weeks we have been to Prince Albert (work) and North Battleford (fun). Jack particularly enjoyed going to the farm in North Battleford where he played with Buddy, Skender and Ethan on the pond. Our running has been going slow but we are moving along toward our goal. The running path is drying up and there are a larger number of runners, walkers, bikers and dogs on the trail. Poor Jack has had a couple bad encounters with other dogs, one bit his nose and another got away from his owner and took after Jack. Jack is a big guy but very gentle so I've learnt that all of the new dogs on the trail may not all be dogs that we want to visit with. Despite the few problems we have had, Jack is enjoyed being on the trail. He is improving on the leash however once in awhile he still stops dead, sometimes with me not realizing until I'm flying backwards :)