Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Courier au Montréal and Running at Home

Logging our miles tonight for the past three weeks (Jack 221, Caroline 241). Jack and I are running regularly these days, usually 3-5 miles. Jack has been a bit distracted by all the wonderful spring smells, birds, gophers and all the people, dog and bike traffic along the trail. I have put in a few more miles than Jack with trips to Ottawa and Montreal. Above are pictures of very good friends in Montreal, Greg and Jackson (Skender's godfather) and also some pictures of Sken when he was biking while Jack and I were running. 
       The weather has been absolutely fantastic. Last year it was cold and snowy, while this year is the exact opposite. I have been running in shorts the last few days, even in early evening.  I road out to Dakota Dunes this weekend (70K) with a friend of mine on our road bikes. It was a perfect day for a long ride, not much wind and not too hot. I even ended up with a bit of a suntan...its April!!!! I love it!