Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Running

Jack and I have run another 12 miles (Jack 70 miles, Caroline 81 miles) over the past few days. He love to run in this weather, particularly bounding through the snow. I am enjoying our winter running more than I expected. The biggest problem is getting out there when I feel either cold or tired, or both. However, so far I have never felt cold running. Once I get out there the problem is most often being over dressed and feeling too warm. The wind can also be a problem particularly in some of the off leash dog park where it is more open. Jack and I run trails to get to the park which are treed and keep the wind out. The great pleasure of winter running is to enjoy how beautiful it is in the winter along the river! I have decided that Jack and I need to try and pick up the pace now that we have more daylight to run in. Next week we'll try to reach our hundred mile mark, a big milestone in freezing temperatures.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Back running

Jack and I have not been running much the past couple weeks. I have had a severe muscle problem in my back and arm. It has improved significantly over the weekend. As you can see by the photos above when Jack isn't running he watches the runners go by our house. He was very unhappy that we were not running and I swear he was smiling when we finally went back on the trail Saturday. Jack and I ran 8 miles this weekend and Jack has put on another 3 miles on days that I walked the dog park (Jack 58, Caroline 69). We are now back on the trails and as the days become longer we have more time to get out for our runs.