Monday, November 30, 2009

972 miles! 15 miles to Las Vegas

Jack and I ran 4 miles late afternoon (972 miles, Jack 74 miles). I am able to do more cross country running because of Jack. It feels safer running through the bush when I have him with me. Saskatoon is very safe but I still feel uncomfortable running trails on my own. Jack is great company and added security (that is if he doesn't hide behind me :). He also loves the trails better than the paved paths. I share his preference and plan to spend more time next year running trails. We ended up at the dog park where we ran the loop around the park, meeting a few more new friends. Jack particularly liked Tipper (picture above). When it was time to go and the leash was back on, Jack began to run and didn't bother to fight the leash much before we were out of the park and on our way home.
Jack had his first obedience class tonight and did very well. Skender also did well and taught Jack to lay down when the instructor and I couldn't. We dropped Jack off at Kim's place after the class (the foster home he was living at when we adopted him). Kim and her wonderful family will look after Jack while I'm in Vancouver and Las Vegas. Their generosity to help, gives us such peace of mind. Jack was very excited when we arrived at Kim's place and was happy to see his old friends and he even met a new dog, Manix who is being fostered by Kim's family. Manix is absolutely beautiful and you can see him on-line under Petfinder. Skender and I found it difficult to leave, knowing that we won't see Jack for almost two weeks. However we know Jack is going to have his own fun vacation while we're gone on ours! Sitting home alone tonight before my Vancouver trip, the house feels very empty without my two favorite guys!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

13 men!!! What a very unlucky number

Jack and I had a short run today. We were going to run 5 miles but decided to limit our run to 3 miles and stop at the dog park (968 miles, Jack 70 miles). Rider pride was definitely the theme of the day with a number of dogs wearing Rough Rider shirts. Unfortunately our team lost by one point on a crazy play. Skender was so upset as he tried to make sense of how the Riders could lose the way they did. But isn't a nail biting finish (even one where we lose) the exact reason we watch, what draws us in and keeps us cheering. I explained to Skender that games like this year's Grey Cup are games that people talk about for years after. The question now is, what will happen next year to the Riders? My guess is they will have an even better team and the same amazing fans that support them no matter what happens!
Skender finished his level 10 swimming today. Quite an accomplishment for a nine year old. He loves the pool and worked really hard to get his level 10 badge. After his swimming lessons we took another trip to the dog park with Skender's friends John and Liz, their mom Bobbi and their very cool dog Baxter (the little beagle). On our walk we met the biggest St. Bernard. Just imagine how much he must eat!!!! A cow or two a day perhaps?
I am one week from Las Vegas. I feel really good, no injuries and in pretty good shape. There are a few people from Saskatoon heading to the run, most doing the marathon. I should have run the marathon but I really enjoy the distance of the half marathon and I think I'll tackle a marathon next year. The New York marathon is the one that I would most like to run and since I've never been to New York it would be even more special. I would also like to run the Boston marathon (who wouldn't) and a run in San Francisco, both cities that I have lived in and love. For now, however I'm focused on Las Vegas and finishing my 1000 mile year. I'd also like to break the 2 hour time for the half but maybe distracted by rock bands, Elvis and of course a wedding or two along the course :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hanging with Jack's buddies at the dog park

Jack and I ran 3.5 miles (965 miles, Jack 67 miles) today. I am running shorter runs as Las Vegas gets closer so I am feeling my best for the run. We met two really nice women as we were crossing the Circle Drive Bridge so I snapped Jack's picture with them :) Weather remains great for running and playing at the dog park. As you can see Jack is making new friends every time we stop to talk or to play! There are so many beautiful dogs at the dog park and Jack absolutely loves to hang out with his new buddies.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A guy and his dog!

Quick 2.5 mile run this afternoon with Jack (961.5 miles, Jack 63.5 miles) . It was the first time in ages that I forgot my camera at home. I did manage to take a few pictures later when Skender and I went to the off leash dog park with Jack. Don't they look cute together!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Training for Las Vegas!

Another 4 miles (959 miles, Jack 61 miles) and a wee bit closer to my goal. We are still having nice weather and Jack and I had a quick four mile run tonight. We have been running sprints to get ready for Las Vegas and I feel pretty good. Before our run I took Jack up to Skender's school so he could have Jack meet some of his friends. It was fun watching Skender and Jack play with the daycare children. Jack loved all the attention and was a very good dog throughout the experience. He is such a gentle, gentle soul.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

955 miles!

Jack and I ran 5 miles tonight (955 miles, Jack 57 miles). We enjoyed the most beautiful sunset and we had a great run. Jack is improving every day and hardly pulls on the leash now. I have been giving him treats as we run and he now runs right beside me and is less interested in people and other dogs. Watching Jack run, I can see he is having the time of his life. Running with Jack has also been a great training regime. I believe I am running faster and now that he is running without pulling and stopping we are covering our distance quicker. The past couple nights we have been running sprints instead of taking a longer run. I feel really good for Las Vegas and have my goal set to complete the half marathon under two hours. It is going to be fun crossing the 1000 mile finish line surrounded by versions of Elvis and maybe even some marathon newly weds :)