Monday, November 23, 2009

Hot Wheels, Hot Paws!

Look at the great wheels my niece Tia is driving! I love trucks like this and if I didn't have my trusty Matrix, I'd probably invest in a truck just like this. She picked me up this evening and we drove over to pick up Skender at Persephone. Of course Skender loved Tia's new truck and what a cool jazzy colour!!!
Jack and I ran 3 miles today (950 miles, Jack 52 miles). It was another nice sunny day, about zero degrees outside and no wind. I managed to take Jack for a late afternoon run and a trip to the off leash dog park. We are still working on Jack coming back to me when I call. He is doing pretty well and I have a couple new strategies after attending our first obedience class tonight that I hope will help. Skender and I went to the orientation obedience class tonight and Jack will come with us next week. When we arrived home I tried some of the suggestions that they gave us and they worked really well. Jack is a quick learner and he likes to please. I do believe that if there was a dog that came with the book "Dogs for Dummies", Jack would be the prototype dog. Skender and I have no clue what we are doing and Jack makes becoming a new dog owner very easy. He is so gentle and calm and fits in perfectly with our lifestyle. I know may people are probably thinking I'm the last person who needs another responsibility. Surprisingly Jack has brought significant improvement not only to Skender's life (who adores Jack) but to mine also. Our home feels more like a family home and I am enjoying taking Jack for morning and evening walks. I don't need added exercise but walking as opposed to always running is very enjoyable. Slows me down to enjoy life in yet another way. I also think I must have a mind similar to a dog. I do much better when I get out in the fresh air and take in the beauty and wonder of the natural environment. I know I will probably not enjoy the cold winter walks ahead of me but so far my walks (and runs) with Jack are a great addition to my quality of life. And you're wondering about Skender and walking Jack? Well, Sken is the inside play guy. He is constantly playing with Jack when I'm busy doing other things. I don't mind that he doesn't want to walk Jack all the time, I'm happy that he is crazy in love with Jack and that they have developed their own way of hanging out and having fun.

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