Friday, November 20, 2009

Back home running with Jack!

Jack and I ran 9 miles today (933.5 miles, Jack 35 miles) and then we went for our first visit at the off leash dog park. Jack was happy to see me arrive home last night but he had lots and lots of pent up energy. Our first walk this AM was a nightmare. He was pulling like crazy on the leash or he refused to walk. I knew after our walk that he needed a long run to get rid of all his energy. We had a pretty good run and I thought Jack was probably tired enough that I could risk taking him for his first visit to the off leash dog park. We loved it!!!! Jack met Daisy a very gentle lab that he played with. We walked around for about a half hour before finishing off our run. I avoided the river because I wasn't sure what Jack would do and whether it was a good idea to let him go for a swim because of the current. However, a few people I have met let their dogs swim in the river and I know Jack would love it.
We met some very nice people today. I am meeting a whole group of people because we have Jack. The picture above is of Kelly and his beautiful dog. We met them just before we went to the dog park. Kelly gave me some great advice (I'm asking everyone questions), including trying a dog harness for Jack that will help with the pulling. I hate pulling on his neck and the dog harness with take the pressure off his neck and allow me to have better control over him.
Running has changed a bit now that I have Jack. I think I am running faster because Jack sets a pretty brisk pace. I am still adjusting to the added dynamic of Jack pulling at time and crossing behind me etc. I almost wiped out a couple times last week but I now watch closely where he is and keep the leash shorter. Another change is running with a bag of dog poop! Ya, a delicate little job that requires double bagging and finding the nearest garbage can. Luckily it doesn't happen every run : ) After our long run and playing with his new friends at the dog park, Jack was his quiet, mellow self again. He is such a great dog and we live in a perfect part of Saskatoon to have a dog. Too bad winter is about to come upon us. I wonder how Jack is going to like the snow?

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