Sunday, November 8, 2009

One step closer to adopting Jack

I ran 5 miles today (873.5). It was a perfect day for running but I may have over dressed. It also felt like I had lead in my running shoes. Some days are just like that while other days I feel light as a feather. The river was very calm today and I took some great shots of the University Bridge and the beautiful reflection. I also ran into Terrance, a guy I had met earlier in the summer, right before I ran the half marathon in Vancouver. He was out for a walk and I recognized the funky snakeskin walking stick that he has. 
Skender and I had the home inspection today from the dog rescue agency that we are adopting Jack from. Christine was so nice and she loved the house and location. I think it is really great that they check out the homes and owners before handing over a dog that has already needed to be rescued once in its life. 
We are almost ready for Jack to come live with us. I have blocked off the backyard so he won't be able to get out, Skender bought him a cushy bed, a bunch of cool toys, a leash and collar with his name on it and our phone number in case he gets lost. I have a few more things to do to get ready, feels like getting ready for a new baby. I think we will have Jack by the middle of next week. He is being neutered tomorrow and will need a few days to start feeling better. 
So what have I been reading? I haven't had much time to read anything but work related articles and books, however I did finish my first novel by Canadian author, Nino Ricci. The novel, "In A Glass House" is a good read and was a wonderful escape from my busy life. I am now reading "Three Day Road" by Joseph Boyden. It is about a First Nations soldier who has returned home from World War II. I'm just at the beginning but once again find myself loving Boyden's writing.

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