Monday, November 9, 2009

Trail Dogs!

I ran 5 miles (878.5 miles) late this afternoon. It was a beautiful day for running and as I ran across the train bridge groups of Canadian geese were taking off from the river. As they flew over it felt like they were so close that I could reach up and touch them. I snapped a bunch of pictures; what a beautiful wondrous sight. In a couple weeks the geese will have all left for warmer southern weather. We have had hundreds of geese on the river the past few weeks. I don't remember noticing them last year because I wasn't running outside very much in November. It has been wonderful seeing them everyday and today's view of them flying over was spectacular.
The first pictures above are of a cute little puppy and his proud owners. I came around a corner and ran right into this cute little puppy's face. What a beautiful dog! I couldn't resist asking his owners if I could take a picture for my son; Skender is going to love the pictures of this sweet little guy.
With us making the decision to get our own dog I have been watching people along the running path with their dogs. I ran by one guy yesterday who had two dogs running with him, both off leash and both looked like they were smiling from ear to ear. The dogs paid little attention to others on the path, well except to flash a smile and maybe a wink to let everyone know how much fun they were having. The runner and his two dogs looked like a determined team, each pushing the others to run faster and to zig zag around anyone coming their way. I split them in half with the black and white border collie going to my right and the man and the little white dog veering to the left to get around me. I started laughing as they zoomed by; obviously they were having loads of fun enjoying the freedom and joy that comes with taking a long run with good friends.

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