Sunday, November 29, 2009

13 men!!! What a very unlucky number

Jack and I had a short run today. We were going to run 5 miles but decided to limit our run to 3 miles and stop at the dog park (968 miles, Jack 70 miles). Rider pride was definitely the theme of the day with a number of dogs wearing Rough Rider shirts. Unfortunately our team lost by one point on a crazy play. Skender was so upset as he tried to make sense of how the Riders could lose the way they did. But isn't a nail biting finish (even one where we lose) the exact reason we watch, what draws us in and keeps us cheering. I explained to Skender that games like this year's Grey Cup are games that people talk about for years after. The question now is, what will happen next year to the Riders? My guess is they will have an even better team and the same amazing fans that support them no matter what happens!
Skender finished his level 10 swimming today. Quite an accomplishment for a nine year old. He loves the pool and worked really hard to get his level 10 badge. After his swimming lessons we took another trip to the dog park with Skender's friends John and Liz, their mom Bobbi and their very cool dog Baxter (the little beagle). On our walk we met the biggest St. Bernard. Just imagine how much he must eat!!!! A cow or two a day perhaps?
I am one week from Las Vegas. I feel really good, no injuries and in pretty good shape. There are a few people from Saskatoon heading to the run, most doing the marathon. I should have run the marathon but I really enjoy the distance of the half marathon and I think I'll tackle a marathon next year. The New York marathon is the one that I would most like to run and since I've never been to New York it would be even more special. I would also like to run the Boston marathon (who wouldn't) and a run in San Francisco, both cities that I have lived in and love. For now, however I'm focused on Las Vegas and finishing my 1000 mile year. I'd also like to break the 2 hour time for the half but maybe distracted by rock bands, Elvis and of course a wedding or two along the course :)

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