Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big Day For Jack

Jack and I ran 6 miles today (909.5 miles/Jack 16 miles). We had a great run. Jack met a few dogs along the way including this wonderful guy above just as we began our run. He too is a shelter/rescue dog. We latter ran into Wayne Wiens who took a picture of us. At first I didn't recognize Wayne. What a great surprise! Wayne and I worked together years ago at SaskPower (in the days before the split of SaskPower and SaskEnergy).
In the afternoon Skender, Jack and I drove to MacDowall for a baby shower for Jonathan and Rhonda. Jack didn't want to get into the car but once in did really well with the trip. Jack loved being off leash for the first time with us. He ran around the yard playing frisbee with Skender and others. I forgot my camera and so no pics :( We arrived home around 7:00pm and Jack quickly found his cushy pillow and was out for the evening!


  1. Lola and i liked are picture see you on the trail again. Sam aka wheels the guy in the wheel chair.

  2. It was great meeting you and Lola. See you again, Caroline and Jack