Sunday, November 22, 2009

A great November Sunday!

Jack and I ran 6.5 miles today (947 miles, Jack 49 miles) and then took a quick detour to the off leash dog park before coming home. It was another beautiful November day and I feel so lucky to be running my final 100 miles in this gorgeous weather. Just as we were entering the Circle Drive bridge we met a really nice man (Sam) and his beautiful female bull dog (Lola). They were obviously ready for the Rider game, which I am happy to say the Riders won placing them in the Grey Cup next Sunday.
After Skender's swimming lessons we returned to the off leash dog park so Skender could see what it is like. He loved it! I was a bit worried that he wouldn't like all the dogs running around free but he was really comfortable. Skender and Jack explored the river for almost two hours. When we were leaving the dog park we met a sweet little dog that was a much smaller version of Jack. She was beautiful and within seconds had rolled on her tummy for belly scratches. If we had any questions about whether Jack is an English Springer Spaniel, meeting this little dog confirms that he is definitely a Spaniel. Their markings and faces were identical.
Take a close look at the first picture of Skender throwing the rock. Kind of a cool picture, the rock had just left his hand. Also the close up pictures of Jack are to show his very cool Mohawk. Yes, Jack has his own look and style. We came home at 3:30 to watch the Rider game and Jack curled up, only waking up to eat. He is completely wiped out and wouldn't even play with us this evening because he is so tired. Curiously, Jack likes to sleep on his back (ya, that is what he is doing in the picture above:). It is not uncommon to find Jack sprawled out on his back snoring and flinching from what I only imagine are puppy dreams of the dog park.

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