Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jack the Dog!

This was our first day with Jack the Dog. He is such a wonderful big guy and both Skender and I are completely in love! Jack took his first run with me today and ran 5 miles (898.5)! He did pretty good on the leash but wanted "pats" and attention from everyone coming and going so we had a few moments where he was tugging on his leash. As for other canine we met on the path, big or small, Jack was pretty timid. In once instance he even hid behind me and peeked between my legs as a pack of dogs went by with their owners. They were all smaller than Jack (a terrier, bulldog, american eskimo, and poodle) but he was taking no if I could protect him :)
Today is my dad's birthday. When he was alive I don't ever remember his birthday not being snowy, so I'm sure he would have enjoyed today's warmth. If I remember right, dad would have turned 77 today. Some days it feels like he was just here with us and other days if feels like he has been gone for so long. Dad, (like my mom is) would have been thrilled with all his granddaughters and of course the two guys, Skender and Jonathan. I feel very sad when I think that he never had the chance to know some of the children in our family. He would have been very proud of his new great grandson and the pack of grandchildren, mom's softball team!

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  1. Hello nice looking dog but the more I look at Jack the more he looks like he has some border collie and some healer in him. Does he have a white mark on his forehead if he does that mark is a trait from the healer breed. Can't wait to meet him. Sam