Monday, November 16, 2009

How is Jack settling into his new digs?

Some of you might be wondering how Jack is settling in after being with our little family for five days? A picture speaks a 1000 words...yes, those are my beautiful African pillows and leather sofa. It is is a dog's life and the dog knows where to find the most comfy spot when no one is looking : )
We ran 5 miles today (914.5 miles/Jack 21 miles). Our run was not the greatest. Jack was distracted by everything and was pulling on the leash, crossing in front and behind me. We did have some good stretches but it was not a great run. The weather however, was fantastic. November is turning out to be nice a month and everyday without cold weather and snow is one more day closer to spring without added pain. Jack met a new friend on our run. A wonderful older dog who was very patient with his puppy dog interest. At the end of our run Jack was happy to see Skender and play a game with his squeaky toy. He does love his boy.

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