Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Running into an old friend!

Jack and I went for a late afternoon run to celebrate my "35th" :) birthday. We ran 5 miles (919.5 miles/Jack 26 miles-with a bit of walking). I don't remember my birthday ever being this warm. It was 15 degrees and gorgeous out. Just as we started our run we ran into Sean Van der Wal, a good friend of mine that I haven't seen in a year or so. Sean is an amazing runner so we took him along with our run. It was such a cool surprise running into him. We ran, walked, talked and caught up on each other's life. Jack preferred the running and was tugging on the leash most of the time we walked but in the end Jack and I sprinted home and he is now flaked out sleeping. Sean and I had a chance to catch up and hopefully will run again soon along the river. After running Tia came over and we went to the Spadina Freehouse to meet Kathy and Brent for dinner and a wee celebration.

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