Monday, November 30, 2009

972 miles! 15 miles to Las Vegas

Jack and I ran 4 miles late afternoon (972 miles, Jack 74 miles). I am able to do more cross country running because of Jack. It feels safer running through the bush when I have him with me. Saskatoon is very safe but I still feel uncomfortable running trails on my own. Jack is great company and added security (that is if he doesn't hide behind me :). He also loves the trails better than the paved paths. I share his preference and plan to spend more time next year running trails. We ended up at the dog park where we ran the loop around the park, meeting a few more new friends. Jack particularly liked Tipper (picture above). When it was time to go and the leash was back on, Jack began to run and didn't bother to fight the leash much before we were out of the park and on our way home.
Jack had his first obedience class tonight and did very well. Skender also did well and taught Jack to lay down when the instructor and I couldn't. We dropped Jack off at Kim's place after the class (the foster home he was living at when we adopted him). Kim and her wonderful family will look after Jack while I'm in Vancouver and Las Vegas. Their generosity to help, gives us such peace of mind. Jack was very excited when we arrived at Kim's place and was happy to see his old friends and he even met a new dog, Manix who is being fostered by Kim's family. Manix is absolutely beautiful and you can see him on-line under Petfinder. Skender and I found it difficult to leave, knowing that we won't see Jack for almost two weeks. However we know Jack is going to have his own fun vacation while we're gone on ours! Sitting home alone tonight before my Vancouver trip, the house feels very empty without my two favorite guys!

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  1. Caroline - It was great meeting you in Vegas. I saw your finishing results - GREAT JOB!
    I have enjoyed looking through your website - you run through some beautiful areas, how lucky for us that you always carry your camera.
    Keep on running and Happy Holidays
    Melanie Jamison