Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Warm November Day

I ran 6.5 miles (885 miles) this afternoon. It was a warm day, sunny, and just a little wind. The sunsets have been beautiful the last few nights. The geese filled the sky again today which may mean they are getting ready to leave, a sign that colder weather is coming. I had a terrible run tonight for the first couple miles, my legs were sore and I felt like I had lead in my shoes. About halfway through my run I began to feel better and the last few miles were much easier.
The picture of the cat, you ask? This is Jack's new bed and fuzzy blanket with a big cat and German Sheppard dog on it! Skender picked the blanket out for Jack's bed and has been snuggling up in it on the couch for a few days making it perfect for Jack to sleep on when Sken stays with his dad :) I found out today that we can pick Jack up on Thursday at 3:00. I don't know whether to tell Skender beforehand (he is with his dad this week) because if I do, I suspect there will be no way he'll be able to concentrate at school on Thursday!

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