Saturday, November 14, 2009

900 Miles!

Jack and I ran 5 miles (903.5 miles) this afternoon and part way through I ran my 900th miles (and Jack ran his 7th)! The couple above were very kind to take our picture to mark the occasion. The first 2.5 miles of our run was great and Jack ran really well for his second time out however, there were so many people and dogs in the last half of our run that it was difficult for Jack to stay focused : ). Jack still did pretty well and tonight is flaked out on the floor snoozing. His biggest fear is the bridge, especially the traffic. I don't blame him, it is noisy and I imagine a bit intimidating for a young guy.
It is hard to believe that I only have 100 miles to go before reaching my goal. It is wonderful to run in the kind of weather we had today, no wind, around 2 degrees and sunny. Perfect day to run and I hope Jack and I will have a few more days like this before the snow flies. I have 85 mile to run before Las Vegas if I want to finish my 1000 miles when I run the rock n' roll half marathon.

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