Sunday, March 1, 2009

Month 3 begins

Ran 5 miles today. It felt great. I'm beginning to feel the benefits of consistent training. Still carrying 10 pounds that I don't need but my fitness level has improved. I now have two days off because I'm traveling up to P.A. tonight for an all day meeting tomorrow and then to Albuquerque on Tuesday AM. I want to feel rested when I finally reach a place that I can run outside in the sun. My talk is Thursday AM and I'm excited to see colleagues from Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand who will also be giving papers. Mine is on Citizenship, Identity and Resilience among First Nations and Metis women. 

Signed up for the women's triathlon training program "Just Tri-It". I did it last year and had a blast, especially the cycling. I have a very cool road bike that goes really fast...I mean scary fast...what an amazing feeling! I suck at the swimming but love the other two parts of the training. Strangely I have no desire to do a triathlon but I do love the training.  We begin at the end of March...hard to believe there will be no snow around by that time. 

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