Thursday, March 5, 2009

In love with the sun

No time for a run today because of conference activities. I'm hoping to get another run in tomorrow afternoon. I present tomorrow AM to the whole group (250) followed by a panel of really amazing women from Canada, New Zealand and the U.S. I think it is going to be fun. Above is the picture of all of us planning our session. The other is of Old Town Albuquerque. I walked around a bit this afternoon, soaking up the sun and doing a bit of shopping. The shopping is great, amazing jewelry, pottery and tiles...and did I mention the warm sun! Like running into an old friend that was greatly missed.


  1. Hi Caroline,
    I was thinking that Albuquerque had not changed a bit since 1980, then I noticed the picture was of Old Town Albuquerque. I remember the food being really good and it being hot and dry. Keep running. It is inspiring me to get back to my workouts. The holiday and report cards kind of slowed me down. Enjoy the sun while you can. It is not nice here.

  2. Kevin Tait

    Ok that is super bizarre. I was thinking the same thing. Wrong turn. Well Caroline, good job missing the snowstorm. Here is a question for the ages "Why, when it is a blizzard, dude in semis feel they have to go super fast?". Caroline thanks for the offer if we need something. I would like the following from Albuquerque:
    1. a stuffed squirrel
    2. an autograph from Oprah
    3. My hat I lost when we broke down their in 1977. It has been a 32 year crusade to find it.
    4. Something nice for Sam
    I ran 2.5 km this morning through Yankee Stadium, Air Canada Center and France (I was watching TSN on the treadmill).
    Seriously have fun and suck up as much as of this experience as possible. It sounds great.
    Cold and Shivering in PA

  3. Gwen Neudorf said:

    My brothers are so funny or do I think that because | get their humour.
    Good for you. You not only reached 200 miles, but you did it in Albuquergue. We are having a terrible March storm here . I just finished my report cards and I wish I was sitting on a bench, feeling the warm breeze and watching you run along the Rio Grande. Take care.

  4. Grant Tait said:

    Kevin I must confess I stole your hat and traded it to a mexican mariachi band for a real cool song I remember this becuase I was eating a lime ice creamicle and I think I was dancing the rumba. Caroline they might be still there but remember they wilkl be 32 years older. I hope this doesn't effect the nice present. I hope your having fun and enjoying the sun. Grant