Friday, March 13, 2009

Victoria makes "the list"

Ran 6.7 miles (242 miles total) this AM with Drs. Robert Levy-Powell (in the blue) and Mazen Elchami (in the red). Looking at my running photographs I think I'm looking a little too much like a Montreal runner, way too much black. I may need to jazz things up for future photos. It was a very fun run on a beautiful clear morning. We stopped at Mile Zero for a couple minutes, the place where Terry Fox was to finish his cross-Canada run. The statue of Terry Fox is very powerful, an image of determination and physical and inner strength. He was such a young guy when he died yet his life and legacy gave so much in so many ways to the people of this country. 

I fell in love with Victoria. It was the first time I had spent a few days there (well except for the time I was deported from Australia and ended up on my friend Tracy's couch for a few days before catching a train back to Saskatchewan...but that is another story).  While I love Vancouver, Victoria has a slower pace and not that big city bustle about it. I love large cities and have been known to contribute to bustle when given the chance, but at this point in my life, I only like to visit, not live in, big city craziness.  Because I have only eight years to stay in Saskatoon before Skender graduates I have started a list of cities I'd like to move to to finish off my career. Victoria is now on my list along with Halifax, Nova Scotia, Charlotte Town, PEI. and Perth, Australia.  Apart from my years of traveling I have never lived in a coastal city, something I must do for at least a few years.  
So what am I reading these days? Well I am part way through Amerika: The missing person by Franz Kafka. It was completed in 1914 but was published posthumously by his literary executor. I love how different this genre of writing is from what I have been reading lately. I have to finish it up before we go on holidays so I can trade it in for a smaller and lighter novel for my trip. A secret I haven't revealed is that my bed is currently sitting on stacks of books (I couldn't get the bottom platform up the stairs in my new house so ended up using fiction to prop up the split mattress. Pretty smart huh? :) When new books come into my life they generally end up under my bed, I take them out to read and then upon completion return them for their second duty. However, this being said, I would LOVE for someone to recommend novels from the countries we will be visiting next week on our cruise (Mexico, Belize and the Bahamas). English translations of course! 

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