Tuesday, March 10, 2009

230 miles!

I think it was the coldest day of the year today AND it is March! Everyone looked so demoralized this morning at the coffee shop. Old man winter definitely has the upper hand, a guest that has really overstayed his welcome. 

I ran six miles today, a good way to end a very busy and stressful day. Off to Victoria, B.C. tomorrow morning to present at a conference on fetal alcohol syndrome. I'm presenting my ethical framework idea which I hope will give people a new way to think about the way we engage vulnerable populations in government funded health care programming. Yes, believe it or not I really do think I can make a difference! An idealist or just very naive? Or possibly the eternal optimist because I so badly want to believe that government bureaucracies are not inherently immoral monsters driven by politics and economic bottom lines alone. In simpler terms, I'm trying to shame the government into being a moral thinking monster...kind of like Shrek! 

I can't wait to go for a run in warmer weather. I'm staying at the beautiful Empress Hotel, what a treat! I have been told that there is a wonderful trail close by the hotel. I'm hoping to have a nice long run by myself and also to convince a few of my colleagues to join me for a leisurely spring run. 

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  1. Hey Caroline..I met you today at the coffee shop I was with Betty and Bonnie. I was a little intrigued by your 1000 mile journey and thought I would check out your blog. Was pleasantly surprised to find out that you have done some work in the aboriginal community with aboriginal women and on fetal alcohol syndrom issues. Incredibly important issues in our community. I also noted that you worked in Native Studies. My undergrad was in Native Studies and I am an Aboriginal Lawyer working with Department of Justice on Aboriginal self-government etc. Hoping that sometime we could get together for a coffee. Angela 261-5133