Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Blue Poppy

Day off today. It was nice enough to go for a run outside but I had a terrible sleep last night and I felt too tired to even attempt a short run. It looks like we are finally moving towards spring. The sun came out today and the temperature climbed above zero for at least part of the day. As the snow begins to disappear I can see the tops of some of the vines in my garden. With the exception of a few plants, my garden is full of a new mob of dwarfs, giants and climbers, some that travelled with me from Montreal, now in their second Saskatchewan home, a few from the gardens of family, friends and even a couple generous strangers, and of course, a few (well maybe more than a few) from various green houses across the country. I planted and mulched with the coldest of winters in mind, and I have been patiently waiting for spring to arrive so I can see the masterpiece (or more likely, the crazy jungle) that I have created. 

Tucked away in a shady spot of my garden is a tiny flower that finds its natural home in the Himalayan Mountains. My pretty Blue Poppy is the one little flower that I have worried about these wintery months. When I planted it I tried my best to find the perfect place that would give it the best chance to adapt to the climate and strengthen its root system so it could fight its way through what I knew would be a difficult winter. If it survives, than I have a second chance to nurture it for a few months more before winter makes another assault. It may sound strange to some, but to a gardener it is the most fragile beauties that steal our hearts, give us hope when they reveal even the smallest spring shoots and provide us such simple pleasure with their soft and mystical blooms. So while I continue to make my way to the 1000 mile mark, keep your fingers crossed not only for me but also for my special beautiful blue poppy. 

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