Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Broken Dream Sprained Ankle

In need of your collective sympathy as I did a nasty wipe out this afternoon as I was heading out for my first outside run in Saskatoon. Luckily I was close enough to home to get back in the house and call Kathy to take me to emergency. I ended up with a badly sprained ankle that will take a number of weeks/months to heal and for me to get back on the trail again. I had my camera in my purse and once nurse Bonnie gave me some much needed painkillers and wrapped up my ankle, Kathy took this picture of "the end of the trail." The doctor said that he wasn't sure if there was any ligament damage so if the swelling and pain gets worse by tomorrow I have to go back to emergency. I remember about 25 years ago with Dan Salminen (who will now take me out for a 300 mile dinner with crutches) twisted his ankle and ended up with torn ligaments. This reminded me of that and I hope I don't have to go through what he did. However, I have Kathy and my neighbors on call to take me to emergency if  it gets worse. I'll send an update tomorrow. I love my great friends! For those of you who I didn't get to run with, next year!!!

The 1000  mile dream is a bust guys! But I guess I can still make soup!


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