Monday, March 30, 2009

My cool new running socks!

Ran three miles yesterday in Orlando in the rain (photo above). It was a nice relaxing run with a light drizzle. Later Skender and I got caught in pouring rain walking from the breakfast restaurant back to our hotel.  We were very sad to end our vacation but happy to arrive home. Skender told me this morning that he had tears on his pillow when he woke up because he missed the cruise ship so much. If he had things his way we'd forget about school and work and just travel around on different cruise ships! 

I ran four miles today at the gym. I decided it is still too icy and wet for me to run outside, maybe tomorrow. I am now at 307 miles. I find that starting a new 100 miles is the most difficult period to keep motivated to run. It feels like starting all over again however, once I get a few miles behind me I feel much better. Wore my new Just Tri-it red and yellow triathlon socks today (picture above). Pretty cool huh??? They were great to run in and I took the opportunity to show them off to Cathy and Daryl Moat who were at the gym...I think I heard them laugh as I walked away :) ??? Truthfully, I looked like some kind of goofy running geek, but despite this, I loved the socks. 

Added a few new pictures from our trip. Skender dressed up like a cowboy and had his picture taken. Pretty mean looking guy huh? Actually he looks exactly like my second brother Grant when he was that age. It is so funny how much they are alike. The other photos are of our mini jeep and snorkeling trip. No pictures of us snorkeling but a few others from the rest of the trip.  
For those people following my blog, please join us for celebration drinks for the first 300 miles! We plan to go to Amigos around 5;30 this Friday for nachos and beer. 

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  1. Caroline,Wow what a great adventure Skender and you had,no wonder he wants to travel and not worry about school.These are the experiences you will have forever and with time will become to Skender some of the best memories plus remember everything increases in our memories as time passes.I’ve heard Peru is so beautiful.Someday I would like you to meet Paulette she like you has the travel bug and she has done so many exciting travels.If I remember right I believe she was in Peru last year.She comes to the Roastery sometimes when she’s not off to another exciting vacation.You would have lots to talk about.The pics are really good and the fashion statement with your socks????????well anyone who can stick to their goal like you have deserves to wear anything you want.See you Friday…..Betty p.sI can’t make it tonight I checked and we are still going out for supper..B