Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lance Armstrong almost spoke to me today!

Ran 12.21 miles today (216 total). My longest run!!!! Imagine my anticipation as I ended my run and listened tentatively for Lance Armstrong to once again congratulate me on another "longest run." However, as luck would have it my ipod battery died at the very moment Lance was about to sing my praises :)  Next time a charged battery and 12.3 miles! My run was great today. The consistent training is making it easier and my leg feels like it is completely healed.  

A chilly reception last night from old man winter as I hopped in a cab and headed home from the airport. I hate coming home to a cold empty house! I was so tired but couldn't sleep, couldn't read anymore, didn't feel like T.V., so I tossed and turned well into the night.  

The picture above is of three of my colleagues and friends, Drs. Jane Freemantle (Australia), Janet Smylie (Toronto) and Sue Crengle (New Zealand). It was wonderful to see them in Albuquerque even if we only had a brief time to catch up.  The other two pictures are of beautiful Albuquerque. I fell in love with New Mexico and I think someday will take a trip to drive the historical Route 66 which goes from Chicago to Los Angelos. Illinois, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California are the states that you drive through. I have been on this highway at different points a different times. Some of the most beautiful landscapes in North America. 

Someone asked me today about how I can afford to travel so much with my work. Well, in this case it was the Department of U.S. Justice that sponsored my travel and the talk that I gave. Ya, I can't believe how lucky I am either! I try never to forget how blessed my life is and that as my work is recognized I keep true to the women and men who give me the gift of their life story. 


  1. Betty Lasante said:

    Caroline,I am so proud of how you set your goals and are determined to
    make them.So many times many of us think of doing something but keep procrastinating,then we do nothing which doesn't help us in any way.We all need goals and friends to help us applaud our accomplishments.You are a great role model for me.Keep it up and hope you run in Stanley

  2. Thanks Betty, however I have to admit that I have not yet made one pot of soup this year! I've eaten a lot of soup....does that count? C