Sunday, June 28, 2009

Running the half marathon in Vancouver!

I am laying on my hotel bed, my feet and legs are aching but other than that I'm feeling pretty good. I ran the Scotia Bank Half Marathon (13 miles) this AM from the University of British Columbia to Stanley Park (525 miles). We ended at the Fish House just past English Bay. I don't know how many runners were registered, a few thousand for sure. The first picture is before the race at UBC. The rest are post race pictures. My goal today was to complete the half marathon in 2 hours. I laughed when I looked at my time, 2 hours and 24 seconds! If nothing else I am decisive when it comes to my goals. I felt funny when I read the time because usually you either accomplish more than your goal or less. Reaching my goal almost to the second felt very satisfying but quite final. I guess I need a new goal now! 

I arrived at the race about a half hour before it started. I knelt down to tie my shoe lace and suddenly felt a really sharp pain in my right angle and calf. I hobbled around a bit and tried to massage my calf muscle and ankle to relieve the pain. My leg began to feel better but I started the race worried that I had injured myself earlier on in the week and I might struggle the entire race with pain. However, once I warmed up my leg began to loosen up and I felt much better. My legs are so tired right now that I don't know how they will feel once I'm rested up.

The race course was beautiful and there was not too much congestion despite the large number of runners. I pushed myself in the first half, especially on the down hills where I gained really good time.  There were a couple hills that were a bit of a challenge but in general the course was flat. We were able to see the ocean for most of the run and early into the race the clouds cleared and the sun came out. It wasn't too hot, perfect conditions for running. I would recommend this race to anyone who enjoys running a half marathon. It is well organized (we had our bags delivered from UBC to Stanley Park) and the scenery is amazing! Now for a little bit of rest and relaxation! 

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