Tuesday, June 23, 2009

500 MILES! Is it all down hill from here?

500 miles!!!! I ran 5 miles today (500!) and walked 2 with  Skender. The pictures above are of my late afternoon run. I met three really nice people who took pictures of me. Joe (picture above on circle drive bridge) told me about riding his seado on the river (it sounded fun), (I didn't get the name of the second person) and Jenny I met at the top of the University Bridge. She was just so nice! I reached my 500 mile mark at about the time I met Jenny. So exactly how far is 500 miles? If you started running west from Saskatoon you'd end up at the 500 mile mark somewhere between Banff, Alberta and Golden, British Columbia. I have to admit the run to Calgary and a bit beyond would be similar to what I have been running, but we all know what happens after Banff! And what tunes helped me pass the 500 mile mark? Lucinda Williams, "Jackson", k.d. Lang, "Hallelujah", Bruce Hornsby, "The Way It Is"  and Debussy "Claire du Lune" were among my selection. Not exactly "pumped up" running tunes for such an important milestone but appropriate for this particular one.   

I have to admit that I did not have the best run today but despite feeling tired it was fun and interesting. I decided to pick up Skender and include him as part of my mid-way adventure. The pictures of Skender are of him and his daycare caregivers, Skender in front of a poster the children at Victoria School made for the 100 year celebration of the school (he is pointing to the hand he traced on the poster), and the rest are of our run/walk home. I know the Hotel Bessborough is over photographed but I still love to take pictures of it. Skender and I tried to get some cool shots. After we arrived home we had dinner and took ice cream over to Kathy's place to have cake and ice cream to celebrate the end of the school year and the halfway point in my running adventure. 


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