Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Roastery

I ran 5 miles (461) today, most with my running group. I felt a bit better than I did the past couple runs. It helped having a group to run with and we had a nice run along the river. I did a bit extra to bring my run up to five miles. 

I am a creature of habit and the pictures above are from the coffee shop, "The Roastery" that I go to every week morning after I drop Skender at school. I have one quiet hour to catch up on e-mail, do a bit of writing and just escape from my busy work life. Over the past four years I have come to know a number of people who also have a morning cup of joe at the Roastery. Our morning routine is a small experience of "community" before we head off to our respective work places.  The people I know at the Roastery come from all walks of life, Betty who retired from The Bay as a manager now sells hats at "Hats & That" on Broadway Ave. No one leaves Betty's store without a hat that makes them feels wonderful and the knowledge that they chose their hat with the help of a very special person. Bonnie is a nurse with a beautiful singing voice. Her and her sisters write and record music and their group is one of our province's musical gems. Alex is a photographer, Nola works in an Art Gallery and her partner Rick works as a manager in one of the mines up north. 

Jan is the manager of the Roastery and serves us coffee every morning. She is the center of our little community and what is remarkable about Jan is that even for those people who rarely come in, she always remembers their names.  Throughout the day the Roastery has a regular clientele that comes and goes and what I have forgotten to mention is that the Roastery serves the best coffee in town! Sorry S.B. and Tim's, you just can't compete with our local brew!

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