Monday, June 8, 2009

Chocolate and Pie: A story of two brothers

Today was my cycling group so I decided not to run. It was also cool and windy, with a bit of rain on and off throughout the day. Tonight Skender and I worked on his writing. We decided to write a short story by each taking turns writing a sentence. Here is our story. Can you guess who wrote which sentences? 

Chocolate and Pie: A story of two brothers

Once upon a time there was a little prince. His name was Prince Michael. Prince Michael had a dog named Buddy and a chubby mom named Caroline. Prince Michael also had an evil brother named Skender Big Butt. One day Caroline was eating an over weighted chocolate bar. Skender was plotting revenge on Michael for throwing pie in his face! Skender decided to steal his mother's chocolate bar, melt it and put Michael's underwear in the chocolate. Before Caroline started eating the chocolate bar, Skender snatched it and Caroline started to cry. When Buddy the dog heard Caroline crying he ran to her. He saw Skender running away with the chocolate bar so he bit Skender's big butt. Skender hurt Buddy's leg and ran to his secret lab. In his secret lab he melted his mother's chocolate bar and poured it into a big red bucket. He then went to Michael's bedroom to find Michael's underwear. But Skender forgot about the alarm system. Just as he broke into Michael's bedroom the alarm sounded, "WHAAAA, WHAAAA, WHAAAAAA!" Skender was so surprised by the alarm that he threw the bucket up in the air. When his mom came he was covered in chocolate. Because she loved chocolate so much Caroline mistook Skender for a big chocolate bar. Caroline took a great big bite and Skender yelled, "OWWWWWWWE! STOP THAT!" Buddy and Prince Michael came running when they heard the scream. Michael wondered why they were in his bedroom. Skender took a pie from Michael's draw and threw it at Michael. This would be Skender's revenge! When Michael saw Skender about to throw the pie he quickly ducked and the pie flew towards Caroline's face.  Caroline quickly deflected the pie with her chubby hand and it flew back and hit Michael in the face. "Splat!" He stumbled backwards and fell on top of Skender. Caroline looked at her sons, pie and chocolate, and began to laugh. Michael and Skender looked at each other and also began to laugh. Buddy the dog wondered why it was so funny so he wagged his tail and barked at the be continued!

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