Thursday, June 11, 2009

Running in Kelowna

I arrived in Kelowna today for a meeting with the National Aboriginal Health Organization. I found myself completely overdressed having just left the cold prairies. Kelowna was a sizzling 30C and it felt great! I had dinner with two colleagues Chris Anderson and Judy Hughes before finding a wonderful book sale. I ended up with five new books including Ken Follett's "World Without End" and  Geraldine Brooks, "People of the Book". After book shopping I went for a 4 mile (479 miles) run along the lakeshore. It was windy but the temperature had cooled off to a nice running temperature.  Above are some of the pictures from my run. Judy Hughes is the person standing beside talk white statue. 

In the summer of 1993 I was passing through Kelowna on my way home from UC Berkeley. I stopped to visit a friend of mine and ended up getting a research job with Human Resources Canada. I worked with Monica Seal a young woman who was going into law school the next fall. I bought a 1974 F150 Ford truck with three on the tree and lime green upholstered seats (the truck was also painted green but a little faded from Kelowna's hot sun). The tires were a bit rotted so my friend, who was a mechanic replaced them with a set of really flashy mag wheels. They were so flashy that all the young boys in their souped up hot rods would motion to race me at stop lights (vrooooom vroooooooom). While they sped off I was still trying to get out of first gear. I loved that truck and hated to leave it behind when I returned to California.

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