Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Bridges

I ran 7 miles today (468) in April weather! It was 5 degrees which is cold for this time of year but nothing compared to other parts of western Canada that woke up to snow. Medicine Hat and Calgary both had snow today and southern parts of Saskatchewan have a similar forecast for tonight. It is so depressing because we have such as short summer to begin with, so the loss of even a few days to winter like weather is terribly unfair! My perennial garden is slower this year and because it is still dipping below freezing at night, I haven't planted any annuals. 

I had a pretty good run this morning. Despite being cool there was no wind so it was comfortable temperature to run in. I ran the bridges starting with the circle drive bridge, across the freeway bridge and back home. I took pictures of all the bridges and the changing landscape along the river. Everything has turned very green in the past couple weeks.  I met a very nice lady along the run who was running ahead of me. We talked as we walked up the stairs near the University Bridge. I also ran into Tom and Anne Marie Graham. Tom and I work together at the University. 

In the past couple months the gophers have taken over parts of the running path along the east side of the river. I took a picture of the cute little guy above who is one of hundreds of gophers living along side the trail. The Children's Festival is also on this weekend.  I ran through the park where it is being held just as things were getting started.  

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