Thursday, June 25, 2009

Viva la difference!

I ran 4 miles (509 miles) this AM with Gord Groat. Gord is the owner of Red House Animation which is Saskatoon's only animation school. Luckily he said  he wasn't in as good a shape as he normally is because the last time we ran together (over a year ago) I almost died trying to keep up to his long easy strides. For every stride Gord takes I need to take two or three. We had a nice leisurely run between two of the bridges but by 8:30 it was already starting to heat up (not our competitive nature:) making running a bit uncomfortable. We ran past a group of guys who looked like they were involved in some sort of search and rescue training. I snapped my shot and waved but only one guy waved back, the rest looked far too serious, possibly even grumpy. How could they be? It was a beautiful summer morning; the type of morning we live through cold winters to get too. I guess I'm not in Prince Albert with the wonderful friendly fire fighters anymore!

I had a crazy busy day. Skender and I ran around in the morning looking for a scooter, I had an afternoon meeting and then finally ended up taking some down time in the evening at the Spadina Freehouse. The patio was full when we arrived, so Kathy, Brent (Chubs) and I sat at the bar until our table was ready. At the bar we met Gilbert, a musician playing with Buddy Guy at the Saskatoon Jazz Festival. Gilbert lives in Dallas, Texas and grew up in Austin. He had the most wonderful southern accent and we had a bit of fun before moving to the patio for dinner. Unfortunately I'll be in Vancouver when Gilbert's band plays the Bessborough Gardens Friday night. Think of it, maybe I'm missing my chance to finally sing backup! The other photo is of Kathy and Brent on the S.F. patio and a photo of the sun set just as we were crossing the University Bridge.

Today the world lost two iconic entertainers, Micheal Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. I grew up watching both of them, had the hair, tried the moves. I loved Michael Jackson's music including his ground breaking videos and of course what teen age girl didn't want to be one of Charlie's Angels. I felt sorry for Michael Jackson in the last couple decades. He was our society's creation, and yet his own personal struggles were handled with such cruelty by the media and others. I hope that with his death the memory of Michael Jackson will be portrayed as one of a world icon that broke race barriers, opened up new avenues of creativity and left us with a legacy of music that is still unbelievably great to listen too.  

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