Saturday, June 27, 2009

Scavenger hunt item # 3: "Run with a jogger!"

I ran 3 miles this AM (512 miles) to stretch my legs before the run tomorrow. I started today's run from the hotel and before I got started was stopped by a group of Grade 12 graduates from Oliver, British Columbia. They were on a scavenger hunt and had to run with a jogger. It was very funny; they took my picture and then I had a picture taken with my camera. We were pretending that we were jogging, hence the dramatics. I left the group giggling only to run into a second group of students a little way down the path who also stopped me and made the same request. They told me that the first runner they had asked wasn't very nice and refused to help them. I can't imagine why because they were having such a fun time and how could I not help remembering my own days as a teenager about to step into adult independence. The graduation trip they were on will be something they will remember for the rest of their lives. I was quite pleased to be "their jogger". 

The other pictures were taken during my run. Once again Vancouver proves to be a perfectly beautiful city. The picture of the branches of the tree does not easily reveal a majestic eagle that has a nest with young ones. I met a woman on my run who pointed out the tree and while it took me a minute to find the eagle, I finally spotted it sitting quietly looking around the harbor. What a very special experience. I don't know that I have very seen an eagle outside of captivity. 

After my run I met with a very good friend and colleague, Dr. Dara Culhane (in the picture buying flowers). It was so wonderful to see her and once again everything she is working on is interesting and cool. I love spending time with Dara! We discussed different avenues of collaboration and didn't have near enough time to catch up on all that we wanted too. Dara dropped me off at the hotel where the race packages were to be picked up. Our parting was one full of laughter as I told her about the "real reason" I am running a 1000 miles. She also told me some very cool news, that her and her grandchildren plan to walk 500 kilometers over the summer/fall. They are going to start their own blog and the kids are really excited about getting started. This news made my day! 

This is the second time that a friend has told me that my 1000 mile year has inspired them to do something similar. My friend Andrea Lindores who works for Oxfam Canada in Ottawa is undertaking a fund raising hike for Oxfam's work around the world. The 48 hour, 100 kilometer hike is July 24-26. Andrea is part of a 3 woman and one man team that will hike Ganaraska Trail from Fort Willow Depot to Wasaga Beach near Toronto. The name of their team is X3Y (3 Generation Xers and 1 Generation Y) and their goal is to raise $ 7,000.00. Andrea promised some photos of her "pain and gain!" I gave a little donation and see on her webpage that she will soon reach her share of the funds soon.

After I picked up my race package I had lunch with my cousin Jo-Anne.  It was great to see her and catch up. I returned to the hotel later in the afternoon, grabbed dinner from the Market and I am now relaxing and mentally preparing for tomorrow. I'm really quite excited and admittedly a bit nervous! I have to be at the race site by 6:30 AM because the race begins at 7:00. My goal is to run it in 2:00 hours :)! Go crazy legs!!!!

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