Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eternal vigilance and constant mobility are the passwords of SURVIVAL

I ran 5 miles today (505 miles). It was a really nice run and I met some very nice people. I ran past Terrance on my way up a little hill and noticed his very unique and cool walking stick. I kept going but then decided I couldn't run past him without getting a photograph of it. Terrance graciously let me take his picture and then kindly suggested that I have my picture taken with the snake skin walking stick (I think it was a cobra, how cool is that! I have to admit I have no idea if it was real or fake snake skin). I decided to run over to River Landing, cross the Freeway Bridge and make my way back home. It was a perfect evening for running. At River Landing I noticed a guy on the river on a seadoo and was surprised to see it was Joe, the guy I met last evening on my run. We had a little chat and I took some pictures of him playing with his seadoo on the river. Running across the Freeway Bridge I passed a woman with a charity team training shirt (it was either Diabetes or Leukemia, I cannot believe I don't remember). Laverne and her team are training for a marathon in Hawaii in late September. She was really nice and it turns out she will be starting a MA in Social Work this Fall. 

The last four pictures are of Dean, my neighbor and their new little puppy. They were out for their evening walk. The next is a very special picture of Skender and his dad. Sken finished grade 3 today and he also passed level 9 swimming, which for those of you who do not know swimming levels, level 9 is one level away from pre-lifeguard training. Skender is also a "Ranger" and part of the Lifesaving Society Patrol. It was a very good day for Sken, two important milestones reached and as importantly from his point of view, he gets to sleep in tomorrow!  The last two pictures are of a drawing that Sken did at school. If you look close you can see the guy on the roof directing the helicopter onto the roof landing pad. Skender is turning into a very cool artist and I am lucky to have new drawing given to me all the time!   

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