Thursday, April 30, 2009

One more month is over

I ran five miles the past two days with Skender's Boogie Run team and with my just-tri it group. Work has been very demanding and it has been difficult to squeeze a run in before I pick Skender up. The weather has also been cold and windy which has been a deterrent to running. I have also been busy cycling and cleaning my yard and getting the flower beds ready for spring. Because of all this, my mileage in April was way down compared to March. I've decided I want to pick up the pace and have a 120 mile month for May. This will mean I will be just under 500 miles by June 1st. Total miles April 30, 2009: 369.

Just completed "The End of the Alphabet" by Canadian Author C.S. Richardson. The book is about a couple who are dealing with news that the husband has a fatal illness that gives him a month to live. This is a good read but for anyone who has lived through the illness of a loved one where death is imminent, it is also a difficult read. I found that it brought back memories of my father's illness and that of my good friend Warwick. Both men fought courageous battles against cancer with neither one admitting defeat even in those final moments of life. Whenever I feel I'm at the bottom I think of these two men who both cheered me on in life and I draw upon the courage and strength that they taught me. If you would like to know what they would think of all this running, they'd both just smile, not say much and in their hearts hope that the running would give me exactly what I hoped it would! My crazy ideas were expected, most often they brought amusement or disbelief (and depending on the idea sometimes worry) and so these two men became witnesses to a continual flow of unpredictable life changing ideas that were almost always followed by my determined action. They watched me dream, struggle, win and lose, and I knew that with each crazy idea, they were both right there in case I needed them. No wonder I think of them everyday and miss them so very much!

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