Saturday, May 2, 2009

374 miles

I ran a little over five miles this AM. I decided to stay in the sun and run down Spadina along the north side of the river. It was a very nice morning (7:30) but I have to admit that I'm not really a morning runner. I never know whether to eat or not before going out and because I have such low blood pressure, particularly in the AM I always feel like taking it really slow when I wake up. Running in the morning feels counter intuitive to what my body tells me, which is to stay in my pjs, have a cup or two of coffee and watch the news. However, once out for an AM run I usually don't feel bad at all, I just know running between 4 and 7 PM is my best running time.

Funny thing happened to me today when I was shopping for a gift for my sister. A woman looked twice at me really hard and then said, "I really like your haircut." I thanked her and then told her that John Cook was my hairdresser and he worked at Quinn's World in Grovenor Park Shopping Centre. She then asked if she could take my picture with her phone camera, which I agreed because I was finding the whole thing quite amusing and because I sympathize with searching for the right haircut. The camera did not work so I told her about my blog and said "there are tons of pictures of my hair on my blog".  Well, not exactly, John just cut my hair last week and I don't have a picture of this cut on the blog. My promise to the mystery woman is that I will have my picture taken today and post it on my blog when we get back from Prince Albert. I called John and passed on the compliment because it was really his, I am just the lucky one who is the recipient of his hair stylin' magic. I should add, I have no idea what I would do if John ever broke up with me. He has been my hairdresser for over 2o years (except when I was in Montreal, although I would always schedule an appointment with him when I was in Saskatoon). I am so obsessive about my hair and most hair cuts are a combo of haircut and therapy (flowing both way between us!) that there would be a big hole in my life if John were to leave his salon work behind. He is really the best!  

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