Wednesday, May 20, 2009

422 miles!

I am slowing making my way to the half way 500 mile mark! I ran four miles today and felt pretty good despite the cold weather. As I ran I kept thinking about escaping the cold and running in Stanley Park tomorrow. Jeff from Canada AM (I love him) reported that it was really nice in Vancouver today and I am crossing my fingers that the weather holds for a couple more days to meet my arrival. 

I attended a press conference today at the Saskatoon Indian Metis Friendship Centre (pictures above). The Friendship Centre is my research partners on a couple projects researching the health of urban Aboriginal people. Today they announced their partnership with C.H.E.P. a community organization that distributes food to people of our city who are in need. Both the SIMFC and C.H.E.P. are great organizations and have been granted money from the United Way (another great organization) to run the C.H.E.P. program out of the SIMFC. I learnt today that not only does the program help those in need, but it also has a diverse volunteer base that includes high school students, persons who are street involved and person with disabilities. The SIMFC and more broadly the national friendship movement is such an important part of our Canadian urban landscape, providing supports and services to Aboriginal people. I was involved with the Friendship Centre when I lived in Montreal and despite facing some difficult challenges, it was home to a community of First Nations, Metis and Inuit people. Similarly the SIMFC provides a community home for Aboriginal people in Saskatoon and balances the challenges of supporting those most in need and providing a cultural home to a diverse community of Aboriginal people. They are truly remarkable places that are run by a dedicated group of people who never receive the full credit and recognition that they deserve.

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