Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hitting 400 miles on the Las Vegas Strip

I hit the 400 mile mark today on the Las Vegas strip! I had a solo run of 12.12  miles (404.5) which was fantastic. I felt really good, except for the last two miles along the highway back to the hotel. It was so hot and even though I had popped into a few bars along the strip to grab a glass of H2O, my last couple miles were barren and hot. 

I'm blogging in Denny's, surrounded by families treating mom to mother's day breakfast. Not much time left in Vegas and so much to say about this crazy place. The pool is calling and I must go. A reliable source told me it snowed at home this week so the precious hot sun should not be wasted by the northern girl with the tired feet. More on Vegas and some explanation about the pictures from my living room sofa.

I'm bogging in the Las Vegas airport while the others are looking around (I think Sue maybe gambling again, she just won more money after we checked in :)  The pictures above are from the past two days by the pool, our night seeing Tom Jones, a flower show in one of the hotels, the Bellagio (the mass of glass flowers are the hotel's lobby ceiling), and my run this AM. 

The picture in front of the water fountain was took when I reached 400 miles. I had a great run this AM, especially from the Tropicana Hotel to the Wynn Hotel. It wasn't as hot as it was on the highway because the buildings along the strip shade the sidewalk and there were not many people out at 8AM. I received a few "high 5s" and one guy tried to box with me as I giggled my way past him. I also had a few people ask me to take pictures of them and in turn had my picture taken. When I asked someone to take my picture I only asked people that I thought I could catch if they decided to run off with my camera, however my camera was covered in sweat which made it a very undesirable, rather than desirable item to steal. The sidewalk picture with the incline (ph on the sign) was the only incline that I ran the whole time I was here. It makes me think that running the Las Vegas marathon might have an advantage if there are no hills. From what I have heard they bus the runners out to the desert and you run back to the strip for the finish line. 

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