Monday, April 27, 2009

Boogie Run Training

I ran 1 mile today with Skender for his Boogie Run school club. The Boogie Run is a community fun run that takes place in mid-June. They held the first run two years ago and Skender and I have run both years. The first year we did the 2km and last year we did the 5km. The final part of the race is running a lap around Griffith Stadium, the University of Saskatchewan running track.  It is really fun and Skender and I always race this part of the run as fast as we can. He always beats me!

Skender's school started a running group to train for the Boogie Run and today was the second training day. It was fun to have a little run with Sken and his classmates, however all of the boys dropped out last week after the first training session. Sken is in a running group with only girls so I don't know if he will stay interested in the training group given that he is 9 and not 16. 

I cycled tonight with my triathlon training group. I really enjoy working with the women in the beginner cycling group. My role is to support the group leader and help anyone who is having difficulty. The picture above is of our group and yes, I did have my helmet on before I started my ride :)

Skender's father surprised us by getting married this weekend. His new wife is a wonderful woman and they make a great couple. Skender and I knew they were going to get married but they surprised us (and I think many others) by marrying this past Saturday. Upon hearing the news I had a strange feeling that Adil had gone on with our life without me. While the feeling was brief (and I admit unexpected and weird) it was accompanied by a sense of release that I am finally and completely on my own. I think in many ways I have been waiting for this exact feeling since my divorce but never felt a complete end to the marriage.

As we move out of our marriage there is virtually no road map to let us know how we should or should not feel or react to the many events that mark our lives with our ex-partners. Co-parenting children organize our relationships but so much more underlies our experience in these uncharted and at times stormy waters. I am lucky in that I have a good and respectful friendship with Skender's father and his new wife. I greatly value my relationship with them and the three of us have approached our relationship with Skender's needs and happiness at the center of all decisions and interactions. 

So if you are wondering, since the news of Adil's marriage I have given my ex-husband a great big hug and wished him the greatest happiness. I have also loaded my summer tires all by myself into the back of my Martrix for the trip to the garage, a seasonal job usually requested of my ex-husband. And so another page is turned.... 

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