Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just tri-it triathlon training begins

Began my women's triathlon training group tonight. We ran about 4 miles and I ran an extra mile there and back. It was fun to be training with a large group of women. I like running alone but prefer to run with others. We train three times a week, one night running, one night cycling and Sunday AMs we swim. It is a great program for any woman wanting a training group that is fun and supportive. I was in the group last year and discovered how much I like cycling. We train until mid-June which gives a great training start for the year. Photos above are of our warm up exercises and two of us after completing our run. Hats off to the volunteers who run the group, they do an amazing job! 

Day off training tomorrow. Beer and nachos at Amigos to celebrate 300 miles! Now at 321 miles. 


  1. Hi Caroline!
    i just thought i'd check out your blog, i'm the scaredy cat you cycled with tonight! I'm actually in these pictures, the second on the left in the red hoodie and black toque!

  2. Of course I looked at the group photo instead of the right photo and went "wait a minute that's not her"....than realized my mistake. Tonight was great and you did wonderful. Takes a lot to get back on a bike after a very nasty accident. I enjoyed the ride! thanks. C