Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It is all about me

Ran seven miles tonight (340). I wanted to set a comfortable pace for my run this weekend. I'm going to try and get out on my bike tomorrow if I can find some time at the end of day. I feel quite nervous about this weekend as I am not much for public running events. I prefer either the solitude of running alone or going out for a fun run with friends. I'm mostly nervous about the cycling and the transition from running to cycling. My plan is to try and enjoy it, set my own pace and forget about the rest!

Several people have suggested that if I'm running a 1000 miles I should find a charity to raise money for as part of my effort. From their point of view my goal would be more meaningful for others if I had a worthy cause that would benefit from the miles I rack up. I have thought seriously about their suggestion and haven't written off the idea of running with a charity group that is attending one of the major marathons in North America. There are several advertisements for charity running groups and I have wondered what it would be like to be involved in a group like this. However, I don't have an overwhelming desire to raise money for a charity as part of my running program. One of the main reasons I run is to get away from the daily pressures to achieve something for the benefit of others. Running and exercise in general, is something I do just for myself; a little piece of the day when I feel connected to my physical as well as mental self. Attaching more purpose than this, including raising the expectations of others is the last thing I feel like doing. Running I want to keep for myself. I also have no expectations that anyone reads what I write in this blog, a little self indulgence for the sake of posterity.  

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