Saturday, April 18, 2009

Short morning run

Ran a little over 3 miles today (347). I wanted to get in a short run before tomorrow. It was nice and sunny, a little windy but not too bad. As the weather warms up there are increasingly more and more people on the running trails. During my run today I thought of all the cities in North America where people were waking up and heading out for their Saturday morning run. I then thought of my grandparents and how strange they would find this running phenomena. In their lives, exerting all that energy without a practical reason would have been unthinkable. Lacking the many conveniences of the technology we have today, their lives were so much more physically demanding than ours is today. While there are physically demanding jobs today, generally the work and domestic demands placed on our grandparents' generation has been eased significantly. So, instead we run. 

My preparation for the duathlon tomorrow is very simple. I'm enjoying Ben and Jerry's "If I had a 1000 flavours," ice cream (inspired by the Barenaked Ladies), reading a wonderful novel by C.S. Richardson, and heading to bed a little early.  

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