Saturday, April 11, 2009

Documenting my morning run

Had a great early morning run, 5.5 miles, (333 miles). There was only a slight wind and not many people on the trail. I took my camera along to record my run (the beautiful little tree two photographs above is the tree I begin my runs from). Unfortunately the pictures uploaded without taking along the full color so the sky in the photos looks washed out whereas on my computer there is much more detail. While there were only a few people on the trail, I had the pleasure of meeting two really cool dogs...I love the way they smile at you when they're running beside you..."Havin' fun Caroline...huh? huh? huh? Havin' fun?" just cracks me up. I love that look. I'm hoping to meet a canine running buddy this year that I can ask along for a run once in awhile. However, the joyful look on a dog's face when he/she is running just makes me laugh which is really hard when you're running. When I lived in Boston I lived with Shammie (Shamrock) a chocolate lab that because of her wonderful personality had a better social life than I did (maybe that says something:). All weekend people would call our house asking if Shammie could go for a walk or a run with them. I found myself booking her appointments for Saturdays and Sundays. A dog's life!

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy spring is finally here!

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