Friday, April 24, 2009

I want to sing back up for James Taylor

No running today, combination of work exhaustion and snow. Tonight I find myself curled up on the sofa watching Elvis Costello's new show Spectacle. James Taylor is his guest and within the first five minutes I have once again fallen head over heals for JT. One of the greatest singer/songwriters of our time; such a unique and beautiful voice, and an enormous talent for writing lyrics and music.  How could I not be in love? James Taylor's band has an impressive group of backup singers and I would happily trade in my laptop and stressful job for a chance to join them. Wouldn't that be fun! I have a few favorite singer/songwriters, Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Sarah McLaughlin, Bruce Springsteen, Norah Jones, Paul Simon, Don McLean, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson  and my favorite Tom Waits. There are many more but these are some of my very favorites. 

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