Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Only spectator globe trotting tonight

Another day off running. I couldn't get away from work early enough to run or cycle. The weather was also cooler so taking a pass on a run was not all that difficult. Skender and I went to see the Harlem Globe Trotters tonight. Sken loved it. We had court side seats so we were right down among the action. It was really fun. I took a few pictures with my little camera which I have been using a great deal more than my larger SLR FinePix. My SLR requires a bigger commitment as a camera of choice (it is heavier, more intrusive and expensive to replace if lost or stolen). However, I love using it when my sole purpose is to take photographs and over the years I have taken a number of photographs with it that I'm very proud of. My little Canon SureShot has become my camera of choice for events like tonight and to record pictures for my blog.  It takes a very decent picture under a range of conditions and is small and portable. 

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