Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yummpy running shoes!

             So I thought Jack and I were in this together, but Jack maybe looking for an advantage by chewing my running shoes! Take a close look at that "innocent" face, I think he's grinning at me. Why Jack would want to chew this particular pair of shoes is a mystery because they are the oldest, stinkiest pair that I have. I ran most of my 1000 miles wearing them and they now serve as my winter/spring runners that will be thrown in the garbage by the end of April (if they are not destroyed by Jack sooner).  We skipped our run today because it was really really cold and I was running around trying to get ready to leave for Santa Barbara. Jack lounged on the couch as I came and went throughout the day.
             I had a nice surprise around 7PM. My door bell rang and I opened the door to a group of runners who said one of their group had injured her ankle. The group continued running and the injured woman stayed at my house and I drove her home. We had a great conversation about running and our research (she is a graduate student at the UofS in agriculture). We decided I should have a sign in my window, "Injured river runners welcome!"
        What am I reading these days? I finished Joseph Boyden's "Three Day Road" over the holidays. It is amazing and as with "Through Black Spruce", Boyden has created a passionate and deeply moving narrative. I preferred this earlier novel to Through Black Spruce which won the 2008 Scotia Bank Giller Prize for Canadian literature. In fact I liked Three Day Road so much that I have included it in the course I am teaching this semester, "Theorizing Change in Aboriginal Societies." This is one of the best novels that I read in 2009 and I highly recommend it to everyone, especially those who enjoy Indigenous literature :)

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