Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year and 1000 Miles to Run

We're off!!!! A new year and 1000 miles to run. Jack and I are both running a 1000 miles this year. We began on January 1st with a cold day (-25C) which made the run along the river trail beautiful albeit a bit frosty. We ran to the dog park, ran the loop and came home (4 miles). Today we ran 6 miles (10 miles). A much nicer day (-15C) than yesterday but because there was little wind we did not feel cold at anytime on either day. I can tell Jack is happy to be running again. They say to give your puppy a job and Jack's job is to run. Six miles in this weather is nothing for him. He eats snow when he gets thirsty and we stop whenever he feels he needs to sniff something and of course take a pee. I'm enjoying running again after a bit of a break but can't wait to shed winter clothes for spring gear. A few weeks to go until that pleasure!

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