Friday, January 8, 2010

Running on the beach

          I had a short 4 miles run (26 miles) along the beach tonight. I'm in California for work and made my way down to the beach after our session to clear my head with a run. It was incredibly beautiful but unfortunately I arrived just after the sun had set. I ran along the beach soaking up the scenery until it got dark. I love California and running today made me think of the two years I lived in Berkley (93-95) as a graduate student. It feels like a life time ago but reminded me that I need to get back here more often.
        I have fallen in love with the little town we are in (Carpinteria) which is just south of Santa Barbara.  We had a nice drive up from L.A. yesterday, keeping to the coastline and the spectacular views. This was Deb's first time seeing the ocean which was also very cool!
 (picture below). 

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