Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jack, Mr. Sociable

       Jack and I ran 3 miles late this afternoon (Jack 29 miles, Caroline 43). It was a gorgeous day, perfect for running. The temperature was around freezing, a wonderful change from the first week in January. We met two very nice men who initially ran by us when Jack was stopped sniffing something. After they passed, Jack decided that we needed to catch up with them to say hello; always the sociable guy! We had a very nice conversation with them during which Jack came close to wiping one of them out when he stopped dead in his tracks to sniff something. Thank goodness our new friend was agile enough to jump over Jack in time. Yup, there are a few things Jack and I need to work on :) We also had the pleasure of meeting Mary Jo and her dog (from yesterday's run) on the bridge, and they were kind enough to help encourage Jack to walk across the bridge. It took us 10 minutes to get across because Jack was very unsure about the build up of ice on the bridge and was afraid to walk on it!
           Later we had the pleasure of meeting two former acquaintances (April 11, 2009) at the dog park. Jack had fun playing with this big beautiful white guy, who made Jack look like just a little guy. We left the park with them but soon said goodbye because Jack decided he needed extra time (ughhh) to get across the bridge.

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